Saturday, June 19, 2010

A fine review in 'Labour/Le Travail', no. 65, 2010, by Mark Leier

Mark Leier,  review essay 'Under the Black Flag: Anarchist Histories', Labour/ Le Travail, no. 65, 2010, pp. 175-180

The contribution of this book is three-fold: it offers a much-needed corrective to the liberal lifestyle and philosophical trends that have attached themselves to anarchism; it demonstrates and contributes to the diversity,themes, and arguments within anarchism; and it draws our attention to movements that have ... too often been ignored, often for political rather than historical reasons. In lively yet carefully crafted prose, the authors have provided an excellent analysis of anarchism rooted in class struggle, and a proposed second volume will examine the influence of anarchism around the world. The depth and breadth of the research are impressive, the arguments sophisticated, and the call to organize timely. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review in "Amandla" by Devan Pillay

Devan Pillay (University of the Witwatersrand), in Amandla ("SA's new progressive magazine, covering politics and more. Now stocked at more than 80 booksellers nationwide!"), Issue 13 March / April 2010

"For those who have learnt about anarchism only through the writings of Marxists and Leninists, this volume gives fascinating insight into the early world of anarchism.  It is a highly readable synthesis of a wide range of secondary sources, covering events and personalities in many different countries.  It deserves to be read by all those on the Left seeking to understand the diverse contributions to democratic socialist thinking and practice. 

Review: "A Flame to Extinguish Capital" - Deric Shannon in "Interface: a journal for and about social movements"

"If you have a passing interest in radical politics, get this book. If you have an interest in anarchism, get this book. If you are an anarchist already, whether you agree with the authors' perspective or not, get this book. This is a thoroughly researched narrative of a political movement that promises freedom, equality, and social viability for us all..."