Sunday, December 4, 2011

UPDATE - "Black Flame" study groups: now in South Africa, Canada, Denmark, US, Australia, New Zealand ...

"Black Flame" is being used in reading groups by activists in a number of countries. The book is, of course, primarily a schoalrly one, but it interfaces with the left and labour milieu in interesting ways.

There are various groups in South Africa, Canada, Denmark, US, Australia, New Zealand ...
Some examples: 
The announcement for the Hamilton, Canada, group is here.
Also groups were/ are planned by Common Cause in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada.
The book is regularly used in anarchist study circles at Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.
There is a reading group in Soweto, South Africa.
The "Libertarian Socialists" in Denmark's Aalborg local ran/ run a "Black Flame" reading group.
There is a discussion circle in Miami, United States, on the book.
Used by the Fantin Reading Group, Melbourne, Australia.
Used in Pittsburgh, United States.
A recent group in Seattle, United States, here

Let us know of any others!

For your  enjoyment, here is a poster produced by the "Libertarian Socialists" in Denmark for their Aalborg local's "Black Flame" reading group:


  1. I believe that the Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa branches of Common Cause are all planning on holding study groups around the book this spring in Ontario, Canada.

    Much thanks to Michael Schmidt for making the trip all the way from SA and completing a grueling but fascinating speaking tour with us.

  2. Thanks for mentioning us! We really look forward to vol. 2 - when it comes we will make another reading group.